Research (Main Project)

EnchantedClothes: Visual and Tactile Feedback with an Abdomen-Attached Robot through Clothes


Augmented Sports of Badminton by Changing Opening Status of Shuttle’s Feathers


 Designing and Identifying Gestures to Transform Mask Strap into an Input Interface (IUI'23)

Turning Carpets into Multi-Image Switchable Displays 

(Computers and Graphics)

A robotic system for images on carpet surface

 (Graphics and Visual Computing)

Research (Co-author project)

Smartphone-Based Teaching System for Neonate Soothing Motions (SII' 24)

Converting Tatamis into Touch Sensors by Measuring Capacitance (SII '24)

 An Interactive Mist Interface for Airflow Input

(ISS '23)

Micro Finger Gestures Recognition Using Photo-Reflective Sensors (ISWC'23)

A Virtual Window Using Curtains and Image Projection 


Other Work (in Japanese)




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